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Big Dog Bed Company

Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

Big Dog Bed Company makes stylish, comfortable and practical dog beds in the UK. Our primary interest is in making sure your dog has the best possible sleeping environment, while at the same time providing you with a dog bed that is good looking and requires the minimum of care.

We use high density and memory foams to provide great support and comfort. Our beds do not go flat and are guaranteed for three years. Our Active Recovery Bed is a specialist orthopaedic bed for older dogs and those with joint issues.

We offer beds for big dogs. We have done our research and looked at the typical heights and weights of all the big breeds. The bed dimensions and the materials used to make our beds have been selected with these large and giant breeds in mind.

Our bespoke service has three made to measure options and we offer a range of fabrics and colours and bed sizes. We offer many variations on basic bed constructions. This material is designed for almost continuous use and will not flatten within a few months as happens with so many dog bed fillings. Neither will the bed filling wander about until it ends up at the edges of the bed with the dog left lying only on fabric in the middle of the bed.

All our fabrics are waterproof, antibacterial, urine and stain resistant, as well as being machine washable. However, because the bed cushion does not get wet and the fabric is antibacterial and stain resistant, the beds stay odour free and dog bed cover washing need only be an occasional activity.

We are confident that the combination of size, firm interior cushioning, and fully washable, waterproof and antibacterial covers is unique to our beds. In addition, our Made-to-Measure service gives you complete control and enables you to customise your dog's bed to suit the space available in your home.

Our satisfaction guarantee means that if your dog decides they really do not like a bed you have bought from us and will not use it, we will offer the bed for sale on our website as being pre-(un)loved and send you the price obtained.

Big Dog Bed Company is not a shop or warehouse, so enquiries should be made via telephone or by email [email protected]

Please visit our website for more information about the Big Dog Bed Company.
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