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Canine Hilton

Carshalton, Croydon, Surrey

Canine Hilton is based in Carshalton near Croyden in Surrey. It is the brainchild of one very passionate individual - Dr Mercia. Over the years, he has observed the existence of an entirely new and fresh approach towards the way dogs think in today’s structured society and her work with animals is based on a natural passion and instinct. She has a gift to grasp the nature of the emotional and spiritual energy when out of balance, to harmonise. Endorsed by Paul McKenna; Dr Mercia has been carefully trained in different points of entry of stress into the body from either a negative or positive perspective.

Dr Mercia is a well respected, highly professional Animal Psychologist who from an early age expressed a natural and innate desire to care for and understand the true nature of animals. With over 35 years hands on experience and pioneering with a passion, Dr Mercia designed the most comprehensive of holistic programming, to include the preservation and cultivation of the companion animal’s inner worlds. In life, all sentient beings deserve dignity, justice and the right to freedom for non-harmful ‘creative’ expression. Dr Mercia researched the short term cognitive evolution of family dynamics from within the companion animal’s true nature and discovered entirely new techniques of learning that lie dormant amongst the natural social structures of our extended non-human family members.

Each dog has its own unique natural talent and self-initiated skills that allow them to learn manners and be educated with anything from a good dog to career pooch. Dogs are not deaf and far from stupid but they may suffer from inherent shock. They grasp the language of energy but not the detailed pedantic mindset of human idealism. A skilled dog may grasp instinctively the aura energy as they read body language.

No need for kicking or bullying into obedience and yes you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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