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Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Footfalls is a physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centre in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. The team at Footfalls are incredibly caring and very experienced. Animal Physiotherapy whether for dogs, cats or horses helps to restore movement and function when an animal is affected by injury, illness or disability. At the core is the owner’s involvement in their animal’s care, through education, awareness and participation in their treatment. Physiotherapy for small animals is increasingly in demand with pet owners seeking out treatments where they can see positive, progressive results delivered by highly trained professionals and be involved in the care process themselves.

Physiotherapy for humans is a well established principle of medical treatment. Canine physiotherapy or animal physiotherapy, in general, is a developing profession and can provide a high level of care and follow up treatment for animals in the same way as it does for human patients.

We have a range of treatments available and can assist in canine, equine and feline physiotherapy. Some of the problems that can benefit from physiotherapy include:

Performance & function problems.
Stiffness, reduced function and muscle weakness.
Muscle strains and sprains.
Tendon injuries.
Nerve injuries.
Joint conditions.
Rehabilitation pre and post surgery, orthopaedic and neurological.
Wound problems.

FootFalls therapists are qualified and experienced human physiotherapists and we aim to provide the same high level of care for your animal as we would for you.

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