Pet Therapy

K9 Swim


K9 Swim is the best hydrotherapy centre for dogs in the North West and a luxury grooming salon based in Manchester. We aim to provide a place that is safe and fun for dogs to ensure that that their owners are leaving with a happier and healthier pet.

Hydrotherapy is very beneficial to dogs of all fitness levels. Not only is it fun, the excercise is vital for keeping your dog happy and healthy. In five minutes swimming in our pool, your dogs will expend the same amount of energy as they would on a five mile walk. We also offer rehabilitation to dogs with injuries. We do allow and encourage you to swim with your dog and have changing facilities available. We have showers for you and your dogs, as well as dryers for the dogs (we recommend you still bring a towel for your dog as some don't like dryers).

There are various swim packages available, including ‘swim and groom’. Please visit our website for prices.

Here at K9 Swim we value our relationship with veterinary surgeons very highly. As such we are always keen to work with local and specialist vets. We believe this to be a very important aspect of canine hydrotherapy so our clients can get the most from their sessions.

For more information please visit our website or you are very welcome to call us on 01616 810096.
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