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Miss Teddy

Lambley, Nottingham

Miss Teddy is a luxury dog clothing and accessories brand based in Nottingham in the East Midlands. The Miss Teddy brand stands for luxury, quality, style and believes passionately in ensuring that products, where possible, are handmade here in the UK.

A word from Miss Teddy herself:
How did this all come about? Well obviously because of me. My name is Miss Teddy and I’m a Maltipoo which is dog speak for “GORGEOUS”.

As it happens I was off to a fabulous event with my owner and what would really set off my glamorous locks was a diamanté dicky bow. My person pet searched high and low and couldn’t find one anywhere. I know this as I sat beside her sulking in my Teddy Teepee. Not one to give up, my owner went and bought her own fabric and then sought to find another who would make this no matter the cost. Do you know what happened? A resounding “NO”, that’s what. Humans can be so narrow minded and negative about things. I was close to getting very snappy but my owner didn’t give up and made it herself. Thankfully, this dog had its day but what would happen next time?

Luckily, my owner is a sassy business woman, I chose a good pedigree, and recognised a niche, no forget that, dreadful hole in the doggy wear market. Naturally, I needed a million things in my closet, such as colour co-ordinated collars and leads, pretty bandanas, luxurious coats and obviously designer Swarovski chokers for some classy bling! I mean, bewitching bitches in classy stitches is the only way forward. And so, Miss Teddy’s was born and the dogma was set.

Like most things with any style, it grew ears, legs and tails and my store developed into a one-shop, designer outlet for all four legged friends where we recognise the need for each individual dog to have the right tailored attire, the same as any human would have.

Our unique and exquisite collections are being made up by quality, British manufacturers as we yap. And, It doesn’t end there, darling. We’re developing seasonal classics, paws-on-the-pulse fashion plus whine, dine and party at mine wear.

So, if you’re anyone whose anyone then you’ll get your dog on the pack leaders Alpha list for pups who are paving the way with swag in their tail.
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