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Pawfect Bags

Torquay, Devon

Pawfect Bags in Torquay offers fantastic dog management bags for walking your four-legged friends. Our stylish and waterproof bags are made in Britain, simple to use and practical, making your dog walking life that bit easier.

Our practical bags have 3 removable pockets, removing the hassle of swinging full poo bags between your fingers whilst walking your dog. Everything you need for dog walking can be carried in The Pawfect Bag, great for everyone, from joggers to parents.

The 1st pocket is for clean poo bags, treats, a lead or whatever else you need for your dog walk. A 2nd pocket is for the full poo bags. All you have to do is drop the full poo bags into your Pawfect Bag until you find a bin later on.

Our ingenious bags can be washed, dried and replaced. The bags come in an array of colours, perfect for budding fashionistas.

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