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Willows Hydrotherapy

Blackpool, Lancashire

Willows Hydrotherapy offers rehabilitation for animals and can be found in Blackpool, Lancashire. Our approach to rehabilitation aims to optimise recovery after injury, surgery or help the older dog suffering from age related problems. We promote good health and well being, prevent movement problems from occurring and improve performance in the working and the canine athlete.

Our hydrotherapy treatments include a therapeutic sensory showering system pre and post swim. Our therapeutic handling and shaping techniques used in conjunction with this enables your dog to be warmed up correctly, this system also effectively heightens your dogs proprioceptive senses, which are essential for rehabilitation treatment. Our underwater massager is also included, this further stimulates circulation and gets blood and lymph moving around the body, it helps relax and relieves pain.

Every hydrotherapy treatment is private with just you, your dog and your qualified therapist(s). Every dog will have a qualified hydrotherapist in the pool with them at all times ensuring support is given and delivering hydrotherapy techniques to rehabilitate your dog back to fitness.

We believe that every dog is entitled to the best treatment and care available and we will provide a treatment package delivered to you by experienced and qualified professionals. We are dedicated to helping your dog live a full, happy and functioning life, leaving you both to do the activities you love sharing together.

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